Indium-Based Ternary Barrier High-Electron- Mobility Transistors on Si Substrate With High ON/OFF Ratio for Power Applications


Indium-based ternary barrier high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) directly on Si substrate is demonstrated in this letter with structure of In<sub>0.18</sub>Al<sub>0.82</sub>N/AlN/GaN-on-Si for high-power applications. The advantages of direct deposition on Si, compared with SiC or sapphire substrates, are high thermal dissipation and lower cost. The proposed InAlN barrier HEMTs exhibit a high ON/OFF ratio of ~10<sup>7</sup> and a steep subthreshold swing of 67 mV/dec. I<sub>Dsat</sub> is measured to be 163 mA/mm, V<sub>DS</sub> = 10 V, and V<sub>G</sub> = 2 V with L<sub>G</sub> = 2 μm. Material analysis using high-resolution X-ray diffraction and relaxation by reciprocal space mapping are also performed to confirm the indium barrier composition and epitaxy quality.


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