Evaluation of parallel VQ compression algorithms on an SMP system

  • Akiyoshi Wakatani
  • Published 2006 in 2006 Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering


Recent processors utilize a variety of parallel processing technologies to boost its performance, and thus it is required that multimedia applications can be efficiently parallelized and can be easily implemented on such a processor with parallel processing features. We implemented parallel algorithms for VQ compression on a shared-memory parallel environment and evaluated the effectivess of the parallel algorithms. On such a system, we evaluate two parallel algorithms for the codebook generation of the VQ compression: parallel LBG and parallel tPNN and find that the parallel tPNN is superior in terms of space complexity, whereas the parallel LBG is superior in terms of time complexity and parallelism. On the other hand, for a codeword search, the p-dist approach and the c-dist approach with the aggregation of synchronizations are suitable for a small codebook, and the c-dist approach and the p-dist approach with the ADM or the strip-mining method are suitable for a large codebook. However, since the aggregation of synchronizations and the strip-mining method increases the space complexity of the algorithm, the p-dist approach and the c-dist approach are more suitable for a small codebook and for a large codebook, respectively


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