Assessing the Quality of Water Solutions Using an Adaptive Multichannel Spectroellipsometer


A compact measuring - information multi-channel spectroellipsometric system for monitoring the quality of aquatic environment, that is based on the combined use of spectroellipsometry and training, classification, and identification algorithms is described. This system is differed from modern analogues by the use of a new and very promising method of ellipsometric measurements, an original element base of polarization optics and a complex mathematical approach to estimating the quality of a water object subjected to anthropogenic influence. The spectroellipsometric system can be used in different fields where the water quality should be estimated or the presence of a particular set of chemical elements should be revealed. The system solves these problems by real-time monitoring of the aquatic environment. Questions of development of a technique of the organization of data collection of geoinformation monitoring and definition of physical and chemical characteristics of water systems on the basis of spectroellipsometriy data are considered. The spectroellipsometric system applications have narrow spectrum a control of water quality in different natural and technogenic conditions. It can be used in medicine for the analysis of different solutions. "The reported study was partially supported by RFBR, research project No.13-07-00146".


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